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When you take the plunge in the binary option trading field, you encounter a number of brokers that are all ready to help you and assist you in trading. But there are several instances when you are made to believe that a particular broker is excellent in its services and has a great track record and has helped traders earn thousands of dollars in profit.However, when you finally start taking his guidance, you find that the broker or the trading platform provider is good for nothing and is not being able to yield any results. When you find yourself in such a situation, it becomes very frustrating.

For similar reasons, it is best to go with the “tried” brokers. Opt for the brokers that are recommended by majority of the traders. In order to find the top binary options brokers that are recommended, you can go through the reviews, the feedback. And most importantly, if you can find someone close to you that has tried a particular binary option broker and got excellent results, you should always go with that broker. Oftentimes, it is seen that even the recommendations that are given in websites and forums tend to misguide you. So, first hand information or feedback is always desirable. Every broker will have its own positive as well as negative attributes. But you will have to choose one that has less number of negative attributes.

Recognizably, there are 3 top binary options brokers that traders have been recommending always. More details about these 3 brokers are given below.24 Option- The service offered by this broker is great. Also they have innumerable educational resources that can help a newcomer in this field immensely. The educational materials are available in form of videos, articles, ad tutorials. Ever since there was the so called binary option trading boom, this broker has been around.Trade Rush – From the point of view of the number of assets that you get to trade, this broker is perhaps the most sought after. You have a huge list of assets to choose from when it comes to trying your luck with them. As far as customer support, it might appear as if it is aggressive but they offer 24×7 round the clock support for clients.

Shaking-Hands-300x225RedWood Options – With regard to trading vehicles, instruments, and assets, you can bank upon this broker. It is one of the top binary options brokers around. They also offer excellent support to customers.What we find is that no 2 broker is the same with respect to assets, customer support, offering educational materials, and the like. Aside from the above, there are few aspects that will also help you to choose a binary option broker of your choice. These aspects include the following-The minimum initial deposit you will be required to make when you trade for the first time.The reward bonus the trading platform will pay you (this is also called the payout).Whether or not they cater to US traders.

In today’s times of globalization, having prepaid cards has emerged as a much needed convenience, especially for those who are constantly travelling between countries. The prepaid dollar cards work on a simple rule – you deposit cash in the card and later use it for making purchases or paying bills. However, once the balance becomes nil, you would not be able to use the prepaid card for withdrawing money or paying for goods, until you load the money again. So, when you are holidaying overseas, all you have to do is buy a prepaid card and load it with cash. This will save you from the hassle of carrying cash and constantly worrying about its safety.

imagesThe popularity of prepaid dollar cards is increasing exponentially, due to immense benefits that these cards offer. Some of these benefits are mentioned here:

Prepaid dollar cards are considered a better alternative to credit or debit cards. The biggest reason for this is that when using prepaid card you save yourself from spending more than you have. This benefit makes it a highly favourable option for those who want to stick to budgeting.

Due to their increasing popularity, prepaid dollar cards are now accepted almost everywhere for making payments. You can pay bills through these cards, which makes it more convenient than sending cheques.

Issues, such as identity theft or card fraud, are quite common when using credit or debit cards; however these can be avoided by using prepaid cards. As these cards do not have any link to your account, you can use these for online shopping as well and rest assured that your account details can not be accessed by any fraudster online.

When travelling abroad, you would definitely not want to carry hordes of cash, which makes prepaid dollar cards a handy and convenient alternative. You can enjoy your trip, having the assurance that your money will be safe all the time.

Overspending is the biggest issue people face while using credit or debit cards. They might overstep their budget limit while shopping and have to face huge bills later on. This issue can, however, be completely eliminated with the prepaid dollar cards, which allow you to control how much you spend on shopping.

It is clear from the above mentioned points that prepaid cards are definitely a preferable option for any traveller, who wants to avoid issues like card fraud or losing cash. Apart from being a helpful companion on holidays, prepaid dollar card can prove to be a relief for parents as well. When sending your kids on school trips, you can easily hand them over a prepaid dollar card. It will not only be convenient for your child but you can also rest assured that you will not have to deal with hefty bills later on, as he can spend only that much money which you have loaded in the card. However, the only thing to keep in mind is to have enough money in your card, before setting out on a holiday to avoid any inconvenience.